Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Cohen

I remember just a few hours after my sweet baby girl was born, laying in a daze of adoration and awe, holding, touching, tracing her perfect nose, the pucker of rosebud lips, murmuring new life songs, under, around her chin, and up fuzz curves of her cheek to the soft folds of her ear, taking my palm and laying it behind her head, pulling her wholeness into me again.

My friend called as I memorized my daughter, and after she heard the story, the details, the burning questions answered and healthy report given,
in her precious love and anticipating the birth of her own sweet first, she asked me,
"What is your favorite part, what can you just not stop kissing?"

Oh, sweet friend, the answers are endless.
They remain endless, even years later.

And, such, is motherhood.
I heard it said,
It is to decide, forever, to have your heart go walking outside your body."

Spending the afternoon with Baby Cohen was sweetness swaddled.
His beautiful mother tender and radiant and calm,
swaying and rocking him in the way he'll always know to be only hers,
Photobucketmaking secret momma sounds softly in her ear,
lacing, brushing, newborn bangs carefully through her fingertips.

And, even so very new,
I watched his favorite place always be tucked away, hidden in his momma and daddy's hold.
The two of them, so clearly, so glowingly illuminated by total love,
dreams fulfilled,
dreams to come.

Oh, Baby Cohen, my camera just wouldn't stop clicking.
You're just so, so sweet.

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