Friday, May 18, 2012

Tiffany + Girls

My sisters and I are inseparable.
In funny ways, in fact.
Born within three years and years later, married off within three years.
Sharing a room was a non-negotiable when we were young,
and college, it wasn't much different.
I lived with the youngest, then she lived with the middle, then we lived all together, then they both lived together.
At times some have naiively thought, perhaps, we were not just inseperable, but interchangeable.

So meeting these beautiful twins together with their momma was nothing unfamiliar for me.
They spent the whole time joking and teasing and giggling.
One moment was spent critiquing the other's furrowed brow, another offering art student modeling tips.
Truly, it was a comedy routine, only perfected by, as I well know, sisters who have seen all, know all, defend all, understand all and adore all about the other.
And this is what's the most beautiful.

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