Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kaitlin + John + Engaged

These two lovebirds are both teachers
with an adorable girl meets boy story.
See, John was hired in the school where Kaitlin had been teaching for a few years. 
John's kind of a man of few words and Kaitlin's kind of creative.
And John's really smart and Kaitlin's really innovative.
And both of them are just some of those special people.
really, there was some serious crushing.
She looked him up on Facebook, some might call it "stalking", but really it was just something to find somewhere to start with the cute boy. And she did. In something mentioning a book he was reading.
So for every chapter she read in this mighty book, flirty bargaining required him to watch an episode of Lost.
With her.
After school, in her classroom.
And so it began.
And now he loves her.
And she loves him.
Life has already moved quickly, too quickly in a season. 
Loss tying their hearts together through heartache, in love.
Kaitlin now wears his mother's ring. 
And it, 
is just beautiful.
And in just a few weeks,
their forever will begin.

Kaitlin and John, I loved our evening together. You both are truly amazing; your joy and love, evident, inspiring and powerful. What amazing things you're going to see, do, be, together. Happy engagement, happy marriage, happy life.

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